Tuesday, June 10, 2014

According to the latest international research on car buying trends, women tend to opt for substance while men go for looks.

According to a survey on, women are far more interested in practicality rather than flashiness when choosing their vehicles. In South Africa, found that 35% of men would like to buy their dream or fantasy car compared with 27% of women who take many other factors into consideration.

“Based on over 9 million retail car purchases, the international study revealed that women car buyers were more likely to buy fuel-efficient cars and were far more conscious of affordability.  Men on the other hand were more likely to inquire about pickup trucks, vans and coupes,” explains Robyn Farrell, Executive Head of 1st for Women Insurance.  

Fuel efficiency ranked as a high priority among 67% of women, compared with 48% of men. Males prefer to purchase cars that are big and brawny or an expensive, high performance vehicle. Survey data showed that men tended to gravitate toward models considered "rugged.”  28% percent of men were more likely to shop for such vehicles, compared with just 19% of women.

“Top of the list for women was making sure that their car was inexpensive to buy, run and maintain and that it was practical,” says Farrell.

According to when it comes to vehicle purchase behavior women put a much greater emphasis on safety, reliability and dependability, durability, low interest rates and cargo capacity.

Survey data showed 76% of women sought out safety features in their next new car purchase, compared with 61% of men.

“Women tend to prioritise a family orientated vehicle like seating capacity and a car that suits their personalities,” noted Farrell, adding, “Men seem to be much more into looks, image, style and speed especially in South Africa where driving a fancy car is superficially perceived as being successful and having ‘made it’.”

Farrell concludes with the following tip: “Choosing which car to buy is an emotional decision. We all want to drive a car that makes us feel happy, proud, and says something about who we are. But, for all intents and purposes, you should buy a vehicle that suits your needs, and one that you can not only afford to buy but also keep on the road.”

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