Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1st for Women Insurance’s charitable trust, the 1st for Women Foundation, together with 1st for Women customers are making a tangible and sustainable difference to the lives of thousands of South African women affected by gender-based violence and cervical cancer.

Since 2005, the Foundation has donated over R30 million to a number of women-related charity organisations that focus on assisting survivors of gender-based violence and making the HPV vaccine more accessible to South African women.

For the first time, 1st for Women Insurance has decided to highlight the Foundation with a TV advert which was launched on 5 June 2014.

“The new advert pays homage to the thousands of South African women who, every day, work so tirelessly to care for everyone around them – it salutes their selflessness, applauds their generosity and speaks to the collective power of women - ultimately acknowledging a woman’s inherent ability to give, regardless of her situation or circumstance,” says Robyn Farrell, Executive Head of 1st for Women Insurance.

The advert was conceptualised by Black River FC, produced by Jump and Janet Sender and directed by Michael Middleton. 

According to Ahmed Tilly, Executive Creative Director at Black River FC:  “We think viewers will connect with this story in a way that not only inspires and uplifts them, but also gets them thinking differently about women. Although the situation portrayed in the advert is a sad reality in South Africa, we were able to illustrate it in a positive light – focusing on the selflessness of women.”

“Our customers donate a portion of their monthly insurance premium to the 1st for Women Foundation and thanks to them, we have managed to help over 150 000 survivors of gender-based violence through public advocacy training, community dialogues and workshops. We have also provided 2 500 pap smears to women in extremely rural areas and provided early treatment for over 100 of these women.  This is something we are very proud of!  Here’s to our customers – to their selflessness and generosity,” concludes Farrell.

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