Thursday, January 5, 2017


On the 1st of January, did you promise you would lose weight, train for a half marathon, start saving for your retirement, or take up a new hobby? And does it look like the resolutions you set for 2017 are already looking dusty, much like your new gym card?

While it’s possible you have stuck to some of your resolutions, and while some people might see through their goals to the end of the year, consider that maybe January isn’t the best month to make changes, and that February could be the stellar month in which to be successful with your objectives.

“While on holiday, we are full of willpower and determination to change our lives, but back at home, once life and work begin as usual, our goals seem a bit unrealistic and unattainable, which make keeping those well-meaning resolutions difficult,” says 1st for Women Insurance’s Executive Head, Robyn Farrell.

January is also typically rushed and cash-strapped. With the adjustments and busyness, you might not be at your best to implement significant changes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean one must ditch the good intentions and goals, says Farrell. “Instead of making changes, how about using January to get settled back after the festive season, and only then setting attainable objectives that’s more in line with your current reality. You can then use February as the month for change.

You can also use January to prepare your “canvas” for change. Clean out the clutter, throw away things you don’t need, start a journal with to-do lists, plans or wishes, or even buy a kitchen scale or skipping rope if weight loss is your aim. This way, you can hit the ground running in February, prepared in body, mind, soul and tools.

The key to fulfilling resolutions is by “starting small”, and making resolutions you think you can keep. Try to change one behaviour at a time – don’t think you need to change everything in your life. Small and singular goals are great, whether it’s drinking less sugary drinks, giving to charity once a month, or even going to gym once a week.

Don’t beat yourself up about it if you “slip” when trying to reach your goals. There’s no such thing as perfection, and if you go off track, don’t give up – recover from it, and get back up again.

Ask for help where necessary – sometimes partnering with someone who has the same goal or who can help you towards your goals will assist immensely.

“Women have an inherent strength, resolve and power.  Start by putting steps in place, no matter how small they may be so that the little wins turn into the life changing results,” concludes Farrell.

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