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A recent survey has found that women are grumpier in the mornings than their male counterparts.

Conducted in the United Kingdom by the makers of Zombie Underground Gaming Apps, the survey showed that some women are so grumpy they can’t even speak to anyone before 8am. As many as one out of five women actually completely ignore their children in the early hours!

The survey sparked some debate and coming to the fore as a possible cause for women’s morning grumpiness was the opinion that they have too much to do every day. They take on far more, if not all, of the household and child care responsibilities.

“A lot of South African women will probably agree that the mere thought of getting through everything thrown at them on any given day is enough to fill them with a degree of dread when they wake up.

“With economic and social factors driving more and more South African women into the workplace, women are juggling more roles than ever before. From breadwinner and home-manager to spouse and child-carer, women have more than a man’s work cut out for them every day,” says 1st for Women’s Managing Director, Robyn Farrell.

Logic would suggest that if women are required to contribute financially to the household, with many quite likely to be the main breadwinners, they should have less to do around the house. But, the amount of time men and women commit to household chores and child rearing hasn’t really changed much in most homes where both partners work. Men still expect the lady of the house to bear most, if not all, of the household responsibilities. A local survey showed that 60% of South African males who agree or strongly agree that women should have a career outside the home also believe that women should bear the main responsibility of bringing up children.

“What this means is that even though many of us spend just as long as men working to bring home the bacon, we’re still expected to do it all at home as well. It’s still mom pushing the trolley around the grocery shop, doing the school runs and ferrying to extra-mural activities, and taking time off work when the kids are sick or on holiday.

“With an estimated 6.4 million working moms in South Africa, it’s fair to say that at least 6.4 million women wake up with a frown some days. They have a long day ahead of them which doesn’t end at close of business. If you’re one of them, exercise your right to remain silent until you feel ready and able to say something without growling,” concludes Farrell.

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