Saturday, June 1, 2013

auto & general Insurance has extended its suite of business insurance solutions to include innovative, stand-alone Business All Risk and Motor Cover for the largely untapped tradesman and small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) market.

“South Africa is widely-known for its enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. There are over two million SMMEs in business here. They contribute over half of the country’s national economic output and it is the self-employed, small business-owner, like plumbers, carpenters and electricians that are the lifeblood of this market.

“Up to now, their insurance needs have been largely neglected by insurers who place undue stipulations on them in order for them to qualify for All Risk cover,” says Sean Jackson, Head of auto & general Brokers.

Most insurers insist on clients having underlying cover sections such as buildings, office contents, and fire, before they can take out business All Risk cover. This immediately excludes entrepreneurs who operate from a different kind of office – one with a dashboard, steering wheel and a car seat rather than four walls, desks, chairs and computers.

To have All Risks cover, tradesmen like the plumber who works from his bakkie filled with tools, keeps a pen and paper in his pocket, and uses his phone as his computer, have to pay for buildings and office contents cover which they don’t need.

“Naturally, entrepreneurs who work out of their cars or some other type of uncommon ‘office’ want to know that should something happen to that ‘office’ or its contents they will be covered and not left without a means of income.

“Our stand-alone solution covers self-employed tradesmen whose vehicles are their source of business, as well as other workers who have an ‘office on wheels’, like vets who do house calls, sales reps who carry products around, and quantity surveyors who travel from site to site with all of their equipment,” explains Jackson.

auto & general’s Business All Risk and Motor Cover fills a gap in the market and positions auto & general Business Insurance as a frontrunner in the all risk category for SMMEs.

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