Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new car in the new year, whether you intend on buying a car straight out the box or something second-hand, there are things that you need to know.

“There are so many models and types of car on the market, it can become confusing. The more informed you are, the more in control, confident and relaxed you will be about your purchase,” explains John October, spokesperson for Dial Direct Insurance.

First off, know your needs and priorities.  Some questions to bear in mind are: will you be doing a lot of mileage? Is it a family car? Do you prefer a smaller vehicle or something heftier? Will you need a lot of boot space? Try and narrow your search down to three types of car.

“Trends in 2015 include hybrid vehicles which are promoted as more “eco-friendly” vehicles. The price of petrol is a big issue nowadays so fuel consumption is often top of mind when choosing a new car. It’s crucial to remember that a car is not an asset. They depreciate year by year. So, you need to work out if it’s worth it for you to buy a vehicle on higher purchase with interest or to rather buy what you can afford in cash,” says October.

Believe it or not, buying during certain parts of the month can get you a better deal because of incentives. Automakers use incentives to balance inventory or to clear out excess stock of certain models. It can depend on the launch date of a new model.

“There are two "best times" to buy. The end of December is a good time because dealers are motivated to cut prices and break year end sales records. Another good time to buy is July through October, as dealerships sell off cars at lower prices to clear space for the new models,” advises October.

Nowadays you can do all your homework without leaving your house. There are many great sites that allow you to relax, research and get quotes. Once you have determined the dealer with the best price, you take all of your research to them and calmly negotiate the best deal.

Here are some more tips for buying a new car in 2015:  

  • Do your research. If there’s a car you’re interested in buying then read up on it (there are many car buying guides and reports online) and make a list of questions to ask your dealer or the seller.
  • Read as many reviews on the car as possible by the experts to make sure it’s the right vehicle for you.
  • Always take the car for a test drive on suburban streets as well as a highway to see how it handles.
  • Always compare prices. It’s very important to be aware of “good” prices or “special offers” as there is usually a catch to these. Often when dealers give you what seems like a great price, they have even more incentive to make up profit on other parts of the deal.
  • Be careful of hidden costs when signing the contract and brush up on the tactics that salespeople use to make a sale.
  • If you are buying a used car, virtually every manufacturer has a certified pre-owned programme worth checking out.
  • Never rush into buying a car on impulse. Go home and take time to reflect.

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