Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dialdirect has given its brand positioning a complete overhaul with a promise to offer consumers insurance made easy. 

According to Carl Louw, Chief Marketing Officer for Dialdirect: “We’ve always strived to make our customer’s lives simpler.  We’ve now redefined this purpose so that we can offer our customers an even faster, more effective and more reliable insurance offering.  We’ve also revamped our logo.  Our new logo is symbolic of our new philosophy, as expressed in the slogan: ‘insurance made easy’.”

To launch the new brand positioning, Dialdirect in partnership with Joe Public and production house Velocity have created an advert, directed by Greg Gray, that illustrates how time is precious with the take home message that Dialdirect won’t waste it.  

“As an agency, we are in the busines of growing our clients’ business. We feel that the concept we have created is both an emotional and touching story that everyone can relate to in the fast-paced world we live in, where time has become a precious commodity. We worked with exceptional partners to craft and create a story which positions Dialdirect as a courageous, customer conscious brand,” says Pepe Marais, Chief Creative Officer at Joe Public. 

In terms of the Dialdirect product evolution, consumers will now have the ability to buy insurance online, anytime. There are three purchasing options to choose from – Easy Buy, Easy Build and Easy Bundle.  Consumers are able to select an insurance premium that fits their needs and budget. Consumers will also be able to view all of their policy details on the user friendly dashboard, log claims, chat online to a consultant, view service providers and request documentation.

“This is a start of creating a connection with the consumer,” concludes Louw.   

For more information, please visit www.dialdirect.co.za

Editors Notes:


Dialdirect, in partnership with communications agency Joe Public, production house Velocity and sound studio Produce, came together to bring to life Dialdirect’s new brand positioning advert, ‘The Notebook” – supported with a new corporate identity, payoff line and brand strategy.

The advert was launched to South African consumers on Sunday, 11 January on Mnet. The campaign is supported by TV, radio and print media channels.

Tasked with bringing the repositioning to the public, the agency was briefed to create a memorable campaign that connects with people on an emotional level and brings the new strategic insight to life.

Strategic Insight:

Dialdirect has always stood for simple, smart insurance, and everything the brand has done up to now was to make their clients’ lives simpler. Taking the essence of the brand one step further in order to emotionally connect with consumers, was key to the repositioning.

Dialdirect now offers you an opportunity to spend less time on the things that shouldn’t take up so much time, like insurance, so you can spend more time on the things you love.

Therefore, supporting the communication is the following golden creative thread: “Time is Precious”, which is why Dialdirect won’t waste any of yours.

TVC Concept:

To truly express how important the commodity of time is in the fast-paced modern era the TV campaign takes the viewer on a journey that everyone can relate to.  A young boy has an unusual way of solving the very big problem of his mother being stretched for time. A simple, emotional and touching story unfolds, whereby the boy goes about doing chores in order to alleviate time from his mother’s day. We learn that this is in order for her to spend more time with him, and on things that are important to him. 

Partnership with Velocity and Greg Gray:

To tell the story in the way that it needed to be told, there was only one man for the job. Directed by Greg Gray and produced by Helena Woodfine, Gray’s work speaks for itself. He has a solid reputation for creating emotionally engaging, touching and beautifully crafted commercials. It was a very rewarding and an exciting experience to work with such a passionate and accomplished director and production house.

The Radio Concept:

The radio concept stems from the same insight as the TVC, by reminding people how quickly time flies. The concept can best be summarised as ‘A Lifetime in a Minute’, as the 60” spots tell the story of a lifetime spent pursuing the things we all believe are important, but before we realise it, our time is up and the things we pursued all our lives suddenly seem insignificant. To tell these stories Joe Public created a single aging voice by merging up to as many as 12 voices per spot. Thanks to Louis Enslin at Produce for his wizardry and craft.


The campaign also includes various print elements, all tied together by the “Time is Precious” concept.


Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg

Client: Dialdirect

Pepe Marais (Chief Creative Officer)

Leon Jacobs (Executive Creative Director)

Annette de Klerk (Copywriter)

Martin Schlumpf (Group Head & Art Director)

Marion Bryan (Freelance Art Director)

Natalie Hogan (Account Director)

Samantha Tame (Account Manager)

Ananda Swanepoel (TV Producer)

Laurent Marty (Strategic Director)

Production Company: Velocity

Director: Greg Gray

Producer: Helena Woodfine

Sound Studio: Louis Enslin - Produce

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