Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Time’ is the holy grail of the 21st century.  Every second of the day is precious and thankfully, technology is evolving to help us make the most of this scarce resource.  Forget ‘Back to the Future’ type predictions, Dialdirect takes a look at five gadgets that will be launched in 2016 that are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier.

  1. Augmented Reality Car Care: Tired of you flipping through the small print in your car’s owner manual to try to figure out what a specific light means?  You’ll never have to do it again thanks to Hyundai’s augmented reality owner’s manual. The Hyundai Virtual Guide app is the brand’s modern take on the traditional owner’s manual, allowing consumers to use their smartphone or tablet computer to get how-to information for repairs, maintenance and vehicle features. The app will be available for free download on the Apple App store and Google Play early 2016.
  1. Wearable Tech: Are you a runner? Are you looking for the perfect running shoe? Look no further than the Altra IQ™ powered by iFit.  This smart shoe for runners acts as your personal running coach, giving you real-time feedback during your run. A razor-thin, multi-sensor system embedded the full length of the midsole in each shoe tracks a range of running intelligence, such as if you are landing harder on one foot, which could easily turn out to be the reason your one knee hurts. Available March 2016.
  2. Flower Power: Finding it difficult to maintain your pot plants? No problem. The Parrot Pot is an intelligent irrigation system that manages your plant’s water consumption. The wireless connected pot with a 2.2L water tank delivers the perfect amount of water at exactly the right time. What’s more, four sensors analyse light, temperature, fertiliser levels and soil moisture around the clock with real-time alerts and advice regarding your pot plant being sent directly to your phone. Available April 2016.
  3. My UV Patch: L’Oréal recently unveiled its My UV Patch, the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and help consumers educate themselves about sun protection. The patch is a transparent adhesive that stretches and adheres directly to any area of skin that consumers want to monitor. The patch contains photosensitive dyes that factor in the baseline skin tone and change colours when exposed to UV rays to indicate varying levels of sun exposure. Available late 2016.
  1. Solar Powered Cooking: Now there’s no excuse for take-out during load shedding thanks to the GoSun Grill. This fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for up to eight people, using only the sun.  The evacuated glass tube of the GoSun Cooking Technology is a near perfect insulator, allowing one to solar cook in even the most challenging conditions. By effectively capturing light from a broad range of angles, the GoSun does not require frequent readjustment, making it the lowest maintenance fuel free cooking device yet. Available June 2016.

“Whatever tech you’ll be buying this year to help you make the most of your time, remember to insure them.  These gadgets should be insured under the Portable Possessions or All Risk section of an insurance policy. Aside from theft, this type of insurance protects against other risks including damage and loss,” says Warwick Scott-Roger, Head of Dialdirect.

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