Monday, March 3, 2014


First Sun International announced retrenchments, then Naspers said they were shutting down some divisions, followed by Edcon’s retrenchment announcements. And when trend analyst Dion Chang starts talking about how the recession has forced us to embrace the lowest common denominator then it really is time to take stock.

“Saving for a rainy day is simply not possible for many,” says Carl Louw, Executive Head of Marketing for, “But comparing prices and features of insurance products is a must for any consumer in this day and age ­ you need to double check that you truly are getting the best price & product for your needs and your budget.” is a free financial services price & features comparison website for a variety of SA insurers. “We offer a wide range of products to compare,” says Louw, “From insurance to medical aid to personal loans to travel to pet insurance. We are there for the consumer.”

It seems circumspect that in a year when business is readying itself for the worst, that the consumer does the same, and double-checks that each policy payment or insurance product is working as hard as they can be.

As Louw points out, “Over 89% of our customers save an average of R329 per month on car & home insurance when choosing insurance after checking quotes on*.” The saving institute of SA’s latest statistics show that Household Savings of GDP is sitting at 1.7% & Household debt and disposable income is at 75.8% with consumer financial vulnerability index at 46.7%. Savings Institute

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