Thursday, May 22, 2014

South Africans have made their mark and voted for their party of choice, but have they thought about how to take control of their finances? Carl Louw, Chief Marketing Officer for says, “Online comparisons are enabling consumers to take control of their finances by allowing them to make informed decisions in terms of their financial needs. Consumers can now choose their preferred financial service providers by comparing and selecting them online.

“It is particularly helpful when it comes to saving money,” says Louw, “Daily living costs are constantly increasing.” An example of an increased cost this year is vehicle insurance premiums. According to an article by Telesure, vehicle insurance premiums have increased due to the impact of the depreciating rand on the cost of car parts, and ultimately car repairs.

Louw says, “’s online quote comparison tool is able to assist clients in saving on a range of financial products such as short term, life and business insurance, medical aid, personal loans, travel and pet insurance. Over 89% of customers using save close to R329 per month when comparing and switching insurers through” *

Consumers are also saving money in other ways. Call charges can be rather expensive as most call centers use ShareCall (0860) numbers; the current Telkom rates** callers pay for these calls are 47cents per minute and a telephonic quote can take more than ten minutes, costing up to R4.70 or more for a single quote. Using the quote comparison service allows consumers to get indicative quotes from several insurers, in less than the time it would have taken to call them.

* Average savings amount based on 2013 research by Kaufman Levin Associate- Risk profile Dependent.

** Telkom ShareCall Rates

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