Friday, August 29, 2014

Many people get anxious when thinking about dental appointments. Since childhood, people have been dreading to go to the dentist and with adulthood the dental appointment is not the only daunting thought, there is also the matter of paying the high dental bills.

Derek Wilson, Head of the free comparison website says, “The cost of dental care is quite high, but it is something that cannot be ignored – and that is why we aim to assist people in finding the right product at the right price by easily comparing cover from a range of different South African medical aid providers on our online search results.”

Although dental care is available in countries all over the world, standards accessibility and quality varies. Another thing that varies is the price. In South Africa for instance, a consultation without x-rays will cost you at least R 400. 00, while prices for dental implants can start from R9, 000.00 per implant.

Sune Bosman, a dentist from Cape Town says, “The cost factors implicated in dental care are material costs, equipment costs and also whether you have adequate medical aid cover. When we compare the cost of dental care in South Africa to other countries, we are doing really well. The purpose of medical aid is to ensure that you are able to pay for treatment received from either a GP or a specialist. It is therefore very important to ‘insure’ your health and the health of your families when it comes to dental care and medical aid can lower the burden.”

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