Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buying funeral insurance cover can be a reality check. Plan for the unexpected and save your family the unpleasant reality of high funeral costs.

Derek Wilson, Head of says, “In these tough economics times, consumers need an easy way to find funeral cover that will meet their individual needs. offers an online comparison tool that compares prices and benefits from a range of well-known and trusted funeral insurance providers such as 1Life, FNB, Union Life, Dial Direct, Budget and First for Women”.

Some people want sufficient cover for the funeral ceremony while others need to recover from the loss of income incurred from the passing of the main breadwinner. There are also many other factors one may not consider when taking out funeral cover. Aside from the obvious costs of the chapel and minister, coffin, hearse, doctors fees for death certification and burial fees, there are also added costs such as catering for the wake/memorial service, flowers, printing of the funeral program and obituary, and the tombstone. Many people also require cover for the cost of catering and transportation for a number of family and community members.

With the current inflation rate of 6.10 percent in South Africa, it comes as no surprise that the average cost of living (and dying) is increasing. During the 2003-2005 period, the cost of a basic funeral was an average of R4 300, rising to R7 500 in 2013.

Whether you require basic funeral cover, or one that will cover added costs such as recovering from the loss of income, there are various options to consider. Some insurers on also provide you with the option of adding funeral cover for your parents-in-law and domestic worker. Get quotes on funeral cover at

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