Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hippo.co.za, the online insurance and financial comparison website, recently donated their billboards to the animal shelter, Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand.

Belinda Boarato for Kitty and Puppy Haven says, “We are thankful for the donation of the billboard material which we will use for shade in the play areas for our kittens and puppies.”

Kitty and Puppy Haven are a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for injured, abused, neglected and abandoned animals. A pro-life organization that does not euthanise any animals if they can be healed and have a healthy, pain free, happy life.

Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za says, “We are growing our culture of giving back, and this year we decided to donate the material to our furry little friends. IOL recently reported that we have 9.1 million dogs and 2.4 million cats in South Africa. Many of these animals are neglected and abused and we therefore wanted to lend a hand to those who rescue and take care of them.”

For the pets in happy homes, Hippo.co.za also offers an online comparison service for pet medical insurance, which covers costs such as veterinary treatments, surgeries, vaccinations and sterilisations from a range of providers.

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