Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The online quote and benefits comparison website, Hippo.co.za, is launching a new advertising campaign around the features and benefits of online comparison.

Accenture’s 2014 Digital Tech Survey indicates that consumers want more value out of their digital experiences. Hippo.co.za has recognized the consumer’s need for greater value by launching a campaign that will assist them in making financial choices best suited to their needs.

Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za says, “The launch of the new Hippo.co.za campaign aims to further educate consumers on how they can compare a range of different and leading SA insurers, their prices and benefits, quickly and easily on Hippp.co.za. They can then, after seeing the online search results, request their one chosen insurer from the panel to get in touch with them to find out more about the insurer’s policy, or indeed to buy the policy over the phone. What’s more, 8 out of 10 people could save an average of R427 per month on car insurance using Hippo.co.za. *

Taking the form of “edumercials” the campaign aims to engage consumers, encouraging them to use the website or SMS in order to receive a call back. Hippo believes that by making consumers aware of their comparison engine, and it’s ease of use, they can help ensure that South Africans always get the right deal, at the right price.

*Based on a representative market research survey conducted by Kaufman Levin Associates, on behalf of Hippo.co.za in May 2014. Risk Profile Dependent.

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