Monday, February 8, 2016

Meet Philip. He is a well-educated 30-something year old male from Johannesburg with a love for gadgets, cars and the finer things in life. Philip recently upgraded his cellphone contract and waited in anticipation for his new phone to be delivered to his office. Philip enjoyed his brand new phone for a couple of weeks until it got stolen while out and about with his mates at the local pub. Philip did not have cellphone insurance and now has to continue paying 23 installments for a phone that is no longer in his possession. Don’t be like Philip.


“It’s not only petty crime like theft that consumers worry about when it comes to their cellphones - so many people’s cellphones are dropped, or dunked, or thrown, or drowned leaving consumers in ‘radio silence’, which can have a serious impact on their productivity,” says Derek Wilson, Head of, South Africa’s leading online insurance and financial services comparison website. “Insuring gadgets like cellphones could very well improve our productivity, at work and at play.”


According to statistics released by Fin24* in 2015, the Top 5 smartphone brands as owned by South African consumers range from a simple Blackberry Z3, to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 6, Blackberry 9720 and the older iPhone 5.

As one of SA’s largest network providers, Vodacom was able to release statistics** last year regarding the percentage of insurance claims for theft or loss according to cellphone brand – ranging from highest incidence to lowest incidence. The stats revealed a motley crew of brands, which made it clear that not only the expensive phones are at risk from damage and theft, highlighting the importance of insuring your device.

“We know times are quite tough and most South Africans are already feeling the pinch, so having to pay for a damaged or missing phone is definitely something to avoid,” concludes Derek. “Consumers can compare from a range of Cellphone Insurance providers on Imagine how much more you could save if you compared more than just Cellphone Insurance…

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