Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Motorists not only have to deal with e-tolls, increased fuel levies and the general price increases due to inflation, but also a further financial blow in increased petrol costs. South African motorists have seen yet another petrol hike in April. Fin 24 indicated, “The increase is due to movements in the crude oil prices, international petroleum products prices, [the] rand/US dollar exchange rate... and the self-adjusting Slate levy...”

Motorists also have to deal with paying their monthly insurance premiums. Insurance assists with various costs arising from unexpected incidents, not just accidents, such as expensive repairs.

This does not mean that motorist cannot save on costs. offers quick and easy online quote comparisons that have resulted in considerable savings for their clients. According to Carl Louw, Chief Marketing Officer for, “89%* of our customers save an average of R329* per month on car & home insurance after comparing and choosing a quote on” is not an insurer but an online insurance quote and benefits comparison tool that allows users to compare their current insurance cover to other options in the insurance market. “On average we have helped over 43 000** people compare quotes on short-term insurance every month”, says Louw.

The information provided in this document is not, and does not constitute or intend to constitute financial advice or any Intermediary service as referred to in the FAIS Act.

*Average savings amount based on 2013 research by Kaufman Levin Associates – Risk Profile Dependent. **Based on a six month average from website statistics.

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