Thursday, April 17, 2014

As with any insurance cover, medical aid and other health insurance products and services are available in various shapes, forms, sizes and prices. “Calling different service providers for a better deal can be painful,” says Carl Louw, Chief Marketing Officer for, “But now you can more easily source and compare online quotes for medical cover such as hospital cash cover, cancer cover and even pet medical insurance in minutes.”

Louw goes on to say, “ gets over 90 000 people who visit the site every month to compare products & features, and with Minister Pravin Gordhan announcing tax credits of up to R257 per month for the first two beneficiaries, and R172 per month for each additional beneficiary on a medical aid scheme, now is the time to check online.” *

The most recent Stats SA data for medical aid show almost 75,1% of the white population belonged to some medical aid scheme, 41,7% of the Indian/Asian, 20,9% of the coloured and 10,4% of the black African population groups were covered by such schemes at the time the survey was conducted in 2012. is a financial services price & features comparison website that compares a range of South African insurers and brands: free to use, no obligations, and no hassles. “It’s a mazing how many people choose a product or insurance because it’s what they knew growing up, or it’s who they came across in their first job, but in this economy, consumers need to check which product or brand will work hardest for them, and will probably save their hard earned cash in the process.”

* Based on information from a Fin24 article on March 3, 2014 Tax credit for medical scheme contributions

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