Wednesday, August 26, 2015


In December 2014, Stats SA released its “Marriages and Divorces” report, which is based on data gathered in 2012. According to the report, there were 161,112 civil marriages in 2012, while there were 21 998 divorces registered over the same period – meaning 13.65% of divorces in South Africa.

“According to the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), about 65% of South African motorists are uninsured,” says Derek Wilson, Head of, South Africa’s leading insurance and finance comparison website, “The good news is that 1 in 2 (that’s 50%) of people could save hundreds of Rands per month* on their Car Insurance alone by comparing with, which makes finding the right insurance deal that much easier and affordable.”

Stats SA’s “Marriages and Divorces” report also found that people get divorced for many different reasons, and that women were more likely to file for divorce than men. Although there are many valid reasons why 13.65% of South Africans are getting divorced, there are just as many valid reasons why South Africans should not just settle on their existing insurer, but rather compare from several to ensure that they are getting the best deal.

“Just as a marriage needs just the right mix of ingredients to make it work, so does your insurance when it comes to service providers and your bottom line,” concludes Wilson. “Visit to see how you can save yourself time and money, which in turn could be used in practical and romantic ways to save your marriage.”

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