Thursday, July 17, 2014


Load-shedding is nothing new for South African citizens. But load shedding is one thing, power outages are another. Online consumer champion, urges you to protect your household items and save on costs.

Derek Wilson, Head of, says, “Power cuts do not just cause inconvenience in terms of not having electricity, they can also cause irreparable damage your appliances. You are able to get power surge plugs for protection, but also look at how you can save on energy costs as part of being a responsible consumer, for example:

Washing Machine:

  • Use cold water wherever possible and do not overload the machine as this causes it to use more energy.


  • Reduce the heat settings on your dishwasher and disable the heat drying method; let your dishes dry naturally instead.


    • Do not put warm food in the refrigerator, as this requires the appliance to work harder and as a result, use more energy.
    • Thaw frozen food inside the fridge, as this will keep it cooler, resulting in less energy being used.
    • Place your refrigerator out of sunlight and away from heat-emitting appliances as this results in the refrigerator motor working harder
  • Reduce your temperature settings in winter as temperatures are already low and this 

“At least 8 out of 10 Hippo customers have saved an average of R348 per month on their home and car insurance, Wilson concludes, “Ensure that you have the best cover for your household appliances by comparing from a range of household insurance providers on

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