Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reliable, cost-effective and secure Internet connectivity remains a heavily debated issue in South Africa, from the national government to consumers. South Africans have embraced the power and convenience of Broadband but at what cost? Broadband costs in the country are still considered to be some of the most expensive in the world.


Derek Wilson, Head of South Africa’s leading financial comparison website, says, “Even though South Africa’s Broadband costs are deemed expensive, Internet connectivity has become an integral part of our local lifestyle and social dynamics”. It thus comes as no surprise that with South Africans’ increasing need to be constantly connected, more and more consumers are turning to Broadband Internet connections. Wilson explains, “It would have been remiss on our part if we didn’t provide our customers with what they want, hence our latest offering comprising price comparisons across a range of local Broadband providers”. Consumers can now compare different providers’ prices and benefits to ensure that they get a deal that best suits their needs, be that price, speed or amount of data.


“Another interesting insight we uncovered amongst our customers was a low score in terms of brand loyalty and that customers will move if they can get data at a better price,” adds Wilson. “It is evident that customers are seeking the lowest price possible even if that means moving to a different provider.”


The good news for consumers is that the South African government has committed R1.6 billion to the “SA Connect” project in a bid to provide Wi-Fi access in remote areas, along with increasing connectivity in schools, public healthcare facilities and government institutions via a world-class infrastructure.


“Government’s investment is aimed at providing Internet connectivity to the greater population, but we don’t foresee a massive reduction in Broadband costs for the average consumer any time soon,” concludes Wilson. “ provides not only price comparison options, but also aims to educate consumers about standard Broadband services to enable them to choose the most suitable provider based on their specific needs.”


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