Thursday, July 21, 2016

A woman’s handbag is her prized possession and contains a myriad of contents that sustain and comfort during day-to-day life. Magazine spreads often feature stories about the contents of a woman’s handbag in a bid to unveil its contents and “can’t live without” items. However, very few questions are ever asked about the monetary value or insurance cover required for these items ranging from that favourite Montblanc pen to your mobile phone, should the contents be stolen or lost.


“The average value of the items in a woman’s handbag is around R9 000 or more1 when you include the cost of a smart or mobile phone, any designer items, cash and the loss of time associated with replacing your bank cards, ID book and driver’s license, if stolen or lost,” explains, Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za, the free-to-use insurance comparison website, “Yet, you might not be covered for these costs”.


Another common item kept in a handbag by many women is a computer tablet due to its small and convenient weight and size. This increases the value of the contents of a handbag exponentially with an Apple iPad Air 32GB 9.7” Tablet retailing at round about R11 500. For those who also place laptops in their handbags, the value of your holdall could be as much as R20 000 — R30 000.

“Insuring the devices and contents of a handbag is often overlooked in South Africa and the increase of car hijackings and ‘smash and grabs’ makes this an essential part of protecting your goods and hard-earned cash either under your existing Household Insurance cover or indeed specifying the additional items you would wish to cover by adding these to your policy. Cellphone Insurance is also available from various insurance companies for your peace of mind.


Some worthy advice is to make sure your insurance covers the device for replacement in the event that it is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Incidents of dropping a cellphone into a bathtub are a reality and very few devices could survive it.


Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Luckily, you can compare multiple Household Insurance and Cellphone Insurance providers and their prices instantly by using Hippo.co.za to find the cover that suits your needs and budget. Hippo.co.za allows you to shop around for the best insurance options at an affordable price that will help you replace the contents of your handbag, in the unfortunate event that it is stolen or lost.

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