Thursday, November 7, 2013

Couple today’s saturated insurance industry with a savvy consumer, and you have the perfect storm for service innovation. Being able to stand out from the crowd to gain organic growth is key to acquiring and sustaining a competitive edge.

“It has always been important to offer innovative campaigns and to show a willingness to evolve with the times,” says Carl Louw, Executive Head of Marketing for Virseker.

“Simply look at the way insurance advertising has changed. We have moved away from the epic cinema-style advertisements to a more quirky and humorous approach. We need to take this evolution one step further by implementing personalised strategies in order to make a real impact,” says Louw.

Virseker is South Africa’s first insurance product aimed at the Afrikaans-speaking community. This in itself illustrates that the brand understands the importance of niche marketing. “Our product offering, and as a result our marketing plan too, targets a specific market instead of trying to cater to everyone,” says Louw.

Virseker has sponsored Skouspel, an annual Afrikaans music festival, for three years. The festival attracts 30 000 people who are passionate about Afrikaans culture and Afrikaans music, making it the perfect platform for Virseker to communicate its message. This year, the Virseker team was equipped with touch screen tablets in order to create a compelling, multi-platform brand experience that provided deeper engagement for the consumer.

“The use of tablets for a brand introduction and data-collection was highly successful for us,” says Louw. “It enhanced the physical experience for the consumers and made the introduction of our brand more slick and swift – an important factor when considering that we would have limited time to capture and hold the attention of these festival-goers.”

A personalised sales experience that speaks to a niche audience and embraces technology illustrates an organisation’s ability to evolve and its willingness to explore service innovation. Innovation is not always about the big, game-changing ideas – sometimes it’s about the ability to make small incremental changes.


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