Charity begins at home’ is a well-known, often versed proverb.  This adage was embraced during the construction of Telesure’s new Head Office, auto & general Park, when 3000 Diepsloot residents were employed by the developers.  This employment was estimated to have benefitted over 20 000 members of the Diepsloot community.

Telesure has now moved into auto & general Park and going forward, most of Telesure’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) donations, excluding those from the 1st for Women Foundation  and the Virseker Trust, will be combined to focus on the Diepsloot community.


The aim of Telesure’s CSI strategy is to enhance the livelihoods of individuals in Diepsloot through skills development and job placement to reduce poverty.

Telesure has already made generous donations to the following Diepsloot-based organisations:


  • Itirele-Zenezele High School:  Telesure’s goal is to transform this school, with the assistance of an organisation called One School a Time, to a level that will deliver a 100% pass rate with 60% of the learners receiving university exemption.

  • St Mungo’s Diepsloot Community Action: This organisation focuses on providing Adult Basic Education and Training to Diepsloot residents.  It is accredited by the Independent Examination Board.
  • Harambee: This organisation seeks to accelerate youth unemployment in Diepsloot.  Through a rigorous sourcing and assessment process, Harambee finds young people in Diepsloot who have the attributes for success in the workplace but are struggling to access sustained employment. Telesure has partnered with Harambee as a placement provider for a number of years.
  • The 1st for Women Foundation and Afrika Tikkun are also assisting our Diepsloot neighbours with a holistic partner-based approach.  This will address gender-based violence in Diepsloot and at the same time; build the capacity of organisations working in Diepsloot through extensive training, mentoring and engagement.  

  • Telesure’s Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP) is called Telesure for Good. This is an online platform that connects Telesurians who want to make a difference to causes that are aligned to our CSI strategy. Staff can volunteer their time and skills, donate goods or give back on their own terms by creating an Offer to Causes.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill